X2 Light Eye Tracker
Introducing the new Tobii X2 family!

Acuity are proud to present the new Tobii X2 eye tracker – a ground breaking development in delivering the smallest and most flexible eye tracker on the market!

The Tobii X2 is a revolutionary compact eye tracking system, powered by the latest generation in innovative eye technology from Tobii.

The Tobii X2 family comprises of eye tracking systems at 30 and 60 Hz and can easily be clipped on to a laptop, a PC monitor, or even a tablet for a compact and is our most portable system yet!

Research anywhere - Small footprint accommodates truly portable solutions and enables expansion of eye tracking from lab to real-life environments.

Supreme efficiency - Ease of set up and operation paired with very robust participant tracking allow for cost efficient studies.

Trust your data - Unparalleled tracking accuracy within a revolutionary large head movement box ensures reliable and valid research results.


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