Tobii Glasses 2
Tobii Glasses 2

Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time, as he or she moves freely in any real-world environment. Tobii Glasses 2 helps broaden insights into human behavior across many research disciplines.

You want to offer the respondent a completely unobstructed view to examine as natural a viewing behavior as possible, including peripheral viewing. In Tobii Glasses 2, we call this feature True View.

Our Live View packages make it easier than ever to get started with wearable eye tracking. See exactly what a respondent sees in real time, wirelessly. Gain immediate and actionable insights.

"Tobii's Glasses 2 is like Google Glass for eye tracking. The best part of the upgrade is real-time tracking. A researcher can watch what a person's looking at - with the gaze point continuously marked onscreen - on a tablet or laptop as they're looking at it, the footage transmitted wirelessly from the glasses." - Pete Pachal,


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