As you journey around our website you will start to understand how we can help - one of the most important sectors is marketing.

Generally speaking our users in market research are trying to get insight and answers as to how people interact with something, a creative or a website once it has been realized. Our clients in usability and UX are looking in depth at the how and why of specific decisions relating to specific tasks.

How is it used in marketing?

Leading FMCG's and brands are buying into eye tracking on a global basis, agencies are buying into eye tracking and so are the media planners, buyers and owners.

Currently the technology is used to:

  • Proof design concepts for packaging
  • optimize the shelving layouts for global brand strategies
  • designing and refining point of sale materials
  • drafting instruction manuals,
  • planning advertising
  • analysing ad effectiveness in newspapers, online and in magazines
  • design and lay out brochures, catalogues and guides
  • study television advertising
  • analyse interactive TV
  • develop interactive content
  • study viral marketing
  • understand how viewers interact with television


We take client confidentiality very seriously so we can't say too much about who, where and why. We have some great experience, good insight and a real desire to evangelise eye tracking in a marketing context - talk to us and find out more about how we can you and your marketing team.

For more information about how we can help you to add value and maximise ROI for you and your clients call us or email us via the contact form.