About Acuity ETS

Acuity ETS Limited was established in 2008, and we have rapidly grown to be the number one global reseller for Tobii eye trackers.

We cover the UK & Ireland serving both the academic and commercial markets.

Acuity exclusively resells Tobii eyetracking technology. We have tried and tested other hardware platforms - Tobii was the only manufacturer that met our demanding criteria. The massive R&D resources, engineering expertise and global presence convinced us that there was no better manufacturer to partner with for our clients.

Eye Tracking

We are specialists, we only sell eyetracking tools and our consultants are experts in helping our clients to use eye tracking in:

  • Scientific Research - scientific research is the core market for Tobii products, from Neuropsychology, through Opthalmology, Linguistics, HCI and Cognitive and Developmental Psychology we can help with your research needs.

  • Market Research - MR is a rapidly growing market for Tobii products, our clients are using their systems to test shelf/store layouts, design planograms, test pack design, online questionnaires, email marketing campaigns and many more.

  • Usability & UX - usability and user experience testing of websites is represents the largest commercial user base for eye tracking. This market is growing and evolving to include software, CMS, computer games and interactive TV.

  • Marketing - the marketing sector is a major user of eye tracking, from the first stages of design through to verification and effectiveness testing by the client, or brand, eye tracking can give you a major competitive edge. Users are currently tracking TV adverts, brochure layouts, point of sale materials, email marketing and viral marketing.

  • OEM projects - we can help you to add eye tracking to your products and processes, please browse this basic information, and then contact us to learn more.


Our expertise in imaging, and our experience using eye tracking technologies within commercial and educational settings, can assist you integrating this valuable tool into your existing workflow. We offer specialised training packages, tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Customised training - allowing you to get the most out of your system, you tell us what you want to track and we'll work with you to design a methodology and workflow to capture the data you need.

  • Lab design and Integration - we can design and set-up your entire lab, whether you need a portable solution or are looking to commission a suite of testing and monitoring rooms call to discuss your needs.

Tobii X120 eye tracker


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