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Acuity ETS provide technologies to advance research methodologies and enable commercial and academic studies to provide deeper, more valuable insights across a multitude of research areas.

Acuity ETS are the leading global eye tracking reseller. Since 2008 we have used eye tracking in academic research, user experience, and market research. We now apply our experience to behavioural analytics and biometrics to give our clients access to cutting edge technologies.

With customers in six continents, a record of high profile global deals, and an ever expanding reach in almost every research field, Acuity ETS are at the forefront of eye tracking, neuromarketing, human behaviour analysis, virtual reality, and motion capture.

What We Do

As well as offering complex and innovative solutions for eye tracking studies, Acuity ETS also offer knowledge transfer, training workshops, technical support and expert consultancy to both the commercial and academic sectors.

In the commercial sector, we help organisations purchase, integrate, and use eye tracking and other technologies to achieve their business objectives. We work with agencies and clients across FMCG, entertainment, sports, and the media.

In the academic world, we work with researchers in psychology, HCI, usability, ophthalmology, and medical imaging to help them procure, integrate, train, and use eye tracking and other technologies to advance their studies.




Technology Partners

How We Do It

With over a decade of eye tracking experience and a team of the brightest consultants in the UK & Ireland, Acuity ETS have the knowledge, experience and close ties with technology providers to bring our clients the most innovative products and consultancy.

In addition to being the number one global reseller of Tobii eye trackers, Acuity ETS have strong ties to a number of leading technology providers, including Shopperception, Quividi, TEA, and Shoppermotion.

Our consultants provide expert advice at all stages of a project, from choosing the right technology to implementation, training and support. We give our clients the most innovative products and consultancy to ensure success.


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