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Acuity ETS have a proven track record in helping commercial organisations use eye tracking technologies to better understand their customers.

With experience in package design, retail and shopping, advertising, and usability, Acuity ETS use the latest in eye tracking technology to help businesses connect with, persuade, and attract their customers.

From wearable to remote eye trackers and the latest in VR technology, we can help you choose the right technology for your research project. Let us help you see the world through the eyes of your customer.


The latest generation of wearable eye trackers are lighter, more discreet and easier to use, so you can be confident of getting fantastic data in real world scenarios with users feel more relaxed as systems look much more like glasses than goggles so they behave more naturally.

Typical commercial use cases for wearable systems vary from mobile device testing to shopper research, navigation and wayfinding, out of home advertising, gaming, and media consumption.

With wireless live viewing, instant playback and advanced image processing software to automatically map gaze data, eye tracking research in real world scenarios has never been easier or more powerful.

Tobii Pro Glasses 2

The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 are the market’s most lightweight and natural wearable eye tracking system, with a head unit that weighs only 45 grams.

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Ergoneers Dikablis

Dikablis glasses are highly efficient measurement devices, perfect for any mobile eye-tracking study.

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Remote eye trackers offer supreme flexibility and portability for a wide range of use cases. Website usability, advertising, print media, gaming, and video content can be tested with ease. A range of powerful statistical and visual analysis tools allow deep insights on user behaviour to be reported, quickly and effectively.

With the X2 eye tracker and a laptop, your lab can be literally anywhere – from a coffee shop to a viewing facility and set-up takes just a few minutes. All of our remote systems allow users to behave naturally in front of the system, and glasses and contact lenses aren’t a problem either. Test who you want, where you want.

Tobii Spectrum

The Tobii Pro Spectrum is our most advanced eye tracking platform, designed for extensive studies into human behaviour and the mechanics of the fastest eye movements.

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Tobii X2-30

Collect eye tracking data in a local coffee shop, at the shopping centre, or in their workplace - take the Tobii X2-30 wherever your participants are.

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Tobii X2-60

The Tobii X2 Eye Trackers are the smallest and most versatile eye tracking system in the world, offering more affordable research products powered by our latest generation eye tracking technology.

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Tobii X3-120

The Tobii Pro X3–120 is a stand alone eye tracker that can be used in various setups by attaching it to monitors, laptops or for performing eye tracking on physical objects.

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Our software solutions allow for test design, data recording, replay and analysis – all in one place. For the Tobii range of eye trackers Pro Studio and Pro Lab offer powerful tools with a user friendly interface.

For testing of video and image stimulus for market research Neurolab is the platform of choice adding facial coding and GSR to eye tracking data and creating automated reports on key aspects of their testing.

D-Lab is a modular powerful platform that works with both Tobii and Ergoneers eye tracking systems and can add multiple data and video streams alongside eye tracking biometric data.

You can take things even further with the Captiv software platform which allows you to bring eye tracking, biometrics, video analysis and even motion capture into a single platform.

Tobii Pro Studio

A single platform for your entire study, from preparation and data collection, to analysis and presentation of the results.

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Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab is the latest software platform designed for extensive research into human behavior using Tobii eye trackers.

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Ergoneers D-Lab

D-Lab is a powerful, all-purpose tool for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behaviour studies.

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CAPTIV NeuroLab is an unmatched solution for human behaviour analysis, ideal for market research projects.

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CAPTIV Software

A cutting-edge and flexible tool for recording, synchronizing and analyzing video recordings and sensors measurements.

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For those people that want to use one of our eye trackers in their own software we provide powerful software development kits and API’s to allow just that.

Tools to work with Unity, Python, Matlab and other languages are included opening up access to the data provided by the eye tracker in real time.

Tobii Pro SDK

The Tobii Pro SDK is a comprehensive toolkit to help researchers and software partners easily build analytical applications for research use with screen-based eye trackers from Tobii.

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Tobii Pro Analytics Upgrade Key

The Pro Upgrade Key enables the Tobii consumer eye tracker to work with the Tobii Pro SDK.

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